Facetime for Android

Facetime is a video call application made by Apple for iPhone 4 devices. It lets iPhone users to make video calls for free using WiFi connection. However, this great application is only available for the said device. Facetime for Android is still not available as of this moment. Though it is not possible to use Facetime on Android, there are other applications that work like Facetime that Android users can install on their device.

These Facetime Android alternatives give users the same features that Facetime offers and even more. There are applications that are compatible with iOS and Android devices. This means that you will not be limited to communicating with Android users only. Some also allow the use of 3G in case WiFi is not available.

SkypeThis is one of the most popular video chat applications not only for mobile but for computers as well. This is available to be downloaded for free. If you are using Skype on your computer, there is no need to create another account as you can log in with your existing account on your Skype mobile. Even if you do not have a Skype account, creating one is fast and easy. You will only be asked for the username and password that you would like to use and you can start adding Skype contacts. You can make free video calls to people using Skype on their mobile devices or computer as long as you are connected to WiFi or 3G. If you are connected to WiFi, you will not be charged for anything. However, if connected using 3G, you will be charged for your data use. You have the option if you want to do a video call or a regular call using Skype. If you prefer to chat with other users rather than talk, this application also makes it possible.


Like Skype, Tango is also available for different mobile devices, as well as for computers. This lets you communicate with various users using 3G, 4G and WiFi. There is no need to create a username for this application. After downloading Tango, register with your phone number and e-mail address and start communicating with other Tango users. Contacts on your phonebook who have installed the application will have the Tango icon next to their name. You may send an e-mail or text message to non-Tango users so they can download the application and enjoy free video calls with you. It is also possible to talk to another person without using the camera.

FringFring is another video chat application that is compatible with iOS, Android and Symbian devices. Downloading the application is free. It uses WiFi and 3G connection allowing no cost video chat, live texting, group video and calls to other Fring users. Registering an account for Fring is also hassle free. After downloading the application on your device, launch it to start registration. Enter your phone number and an activation code will be sent to your number as SMS. Check the code and enter it on the right field. Tap the Activate button once done and start calling other Fring users.