Facetime for PC

Facetime is a popular video chat application from Apple that was made for iOS and Mac users. Facetime for PC is not yet available as of this time. Though Facetime for Windows is not being offered, there are other great video chat applications that PC users can install on their computers. Some of them are Skype, Yahoo Messenger and AIM. These applications offer video call features just like Facetime and even more.

SkypeSkype is one of the most popular video chat applications because it’s light and easy to use. This is available to almost all platforms so you are not limited on the people that you can contact. Unlike Facetime that only works on selected iOS devices and Mac computers, Skype can be installed on Windows and Mac computers, as well as almost all mobile phones and tablets. This application does not take a lot of space. Signing up for an account is very fast and easy. Once done with the sign up process, you can add other Skype users to be included on your contacts or you may give your Skype username so they could add you on their contact list. Click on the name of the contact your wish to talk to. Click the Call or Video Call button to start calling. If you prefer talking through chat, type your message on the chat field and your message will appear on the chat window. You can send files by dragging the file on the chat window or by selecting the send a file button. As long as you have a working connection, you can call any Skype users for free.

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger is another widely used video chat application. When you create a Yahoo account, you can use it as an e-mail, as well as a messenger account. Go to Yahoo site to create an account. If you have downloaded Yahoo Messenger, you will also get a link on the sign in screen to create a new account. Clicking on the link will bring you to the same account creation page when you visit the Yahoo site. Signing up for a Yahoo account is not as convenient as Skype because it requires several details to be answered. Once the sign up process is complete, you can enjoy sending private messages, calling and video calling other Yahoo users. Sending files on the chat window is also possible. When you sign in to Yahoo Messenger, there is a mail button that links to your mail account. Clicking on that button will open your Yahoo mail on your default browser. This will not close your Yahoo Messenger so you can go back and forth between the two. Environments, emoticons and audibles are also available making chat messaging even more fun. This application also has a link to different chat rooms letting you connect to other Yahoo users with various interests all around the world.

AIMThis application is also available for Windows, as well as for Mac and mobile users. It needs to be downloaded from the Internet and installed on the computer to start using. If you do not have an AIM account yet, you need to create one so you can chat and call other users. One of the coolest features of this application is that it doesn’t only allow sharing of videos, links and images on the chat window but it also instantly show them on the screen so there is no need to leave the conversation to access the file.